Language VariationsEdit

There are several occasions on which different names or terms are used in the original Japanese, although they usually make little difference to the gameplay:

English Japanese Note
Virtue's Last Reward Zennin Shibou Desu Japanese wordplay. Zennin (善人) means "good people". Shibou can be read two ways: 死亡 meaning death (giving "good people die") or 志望 meaning ambition (giving "I want to be a good person"). Virtue's Last Reward is an attempt at translating this double meaning.
Clover Yotsuba Japanese word meaning "Clover"
Zero Jr. Zero-Usagi ("Zero-Rabbit")
Zero Sr. Zero-Bosu ("Zero-Boss")
Soporil Beta Mandrain Beta "Soporil" is a real brand name anaesthetic (although "Beta" is not). "Mandrain" alludes to mandrake roots.
Tubocurarine Haimetolin Tubocurarine is a real substance
Neostigmine Sterogumin Very similar after transliteration; neostigmine is also a real substance
Myrmidons Claydolls Affects one of the passwords
Jumpydoll Grapedoll Refers to a Japanese pun in the Japanese version of 999 (the characters find a voodoo doll, which Junpei refers to as a budo doll; budo means grape) and affects one of the passwords
Bracelet Bangle
Immunoglobin Immune Body
GLTM-CM-G-OLM GLTM-KM506 Wordplay on pronounciation of Japanese numbers: 506 is pronounced "go-re-mu". KM stands for "Kansai Model", for the Gaulem's accent in the Japanese version; in English it's changed to CM for "Cockney Model".
Rec Room Game Room
B. Garden Biotope
Crew Quarters Cabin
Control Room Annihilation Control Room
Another Time End Alternative End
Chromatic Door Coloured Door

In the Japanese version, rather than using puns, Zero appends ".. usa" to the end of some sentences (short for usagi, rabbit).  This means that Zero's speech, and his voice acting, sound somewhat more serious in the Japanese version than in the English one.  Similarly, Japanese Sigma's "cat" problems differ from those of American Sigma.  In the Japanese game, Sigma ends his sentences with "-nya," the Japanese equivalent to "meow."  In the American game, he makes cat related puns like "What is it meowt?"

[Thanks to Naerylan@SA for this] When Clover is attempting to seduce Sigma into voting Betray, she says "I'll listen to anything you say." It may seem odd that Sigma falls for this (since she promised only to listen, not to do anything). The reason is that this is a literal translation of iu koto o nandemo kiite ageru, a Japanese phrase that has the meaning of "do anything you say" in a sexual sense, but does actually literally mean "listen to anything you say". Since there is no similar phrase in English, they used the literal translation and made Sigma look more naive than he's meant to be.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

In Japan, the shape seen in the moon is referred to as a rabbit rather than a man. 

Version DifferencesEdit

  • The US version is the only one that supports English voice acting.  On the Japanese and European version, the options menu allowing the player to choose a language does not appear.
  • The US and European version use the same translated scripts, with some small changes, usually to the names of objects on the Inventory screen.
  • Reports of crash and corruption bugs have been less frequent on the European version: however, it is not clear if this is because the game was debugged or simply because there are less European players (999 was never released in Europe)
  • The 3DS version supports display of an Archive entry on the upper screen at the same time a puzzle is being solved, which can be very convenient.  It also supports 3D on most views.
  • The PS Vita supports achievements and is considered to have somewhat superior audio and graphical smoothness.