When we get outta here, I'll buy you all the rootbeer floats you can stomach!

English name Tenmyouji
Japanese name  ???
Nicknames TenmyoldyZeroIII
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Additional Information
Occupation Garbage Collector
Status Living/DeceasedDepends on Timeline
Affiliates Quark, Akane
Real World
First Appearance 999
Last Appearance VLR
Voiced by  ???
Other Information



Tenmyouji can appear to be crass. He's actually rather kind-hearted and protected, especially in regards to Quark. He feels the weight of death more than the other participants, possibly due to his age or due to the fact Quark will have to go through with their deaths. He can appear grouchy in some situations, and, like Alice, will swap his first AB vote depending on your choice if you had teamed up with him, and his reactions will vary as well.



Tenmyouji was a participant of 999, but as Junpei. He was bracelet 5, and he had been invited there to save Akane from an event that happened years in the past. After 999, he had set out to find Akane, but ended up not finding her. During one of his searches, he came across Quark, who had been an abandoned baby. Since he knew he would be traveling around a lot, he tried to find someone who would take him. When no one did, he ultimately decided to settle down and raise Quark on his own.