The results of the game are:

K+Alice B - A Tenmyouji (9+4 / 4)

Luna+Phi A - A Quark (3 / 8)

Sigma+Clover A-B Dio (-1+4 / 9)

The entire group gasps in horror as they realize Sigma's BP has fallen negative.

Sigma immediately feels the injector in his bracelet activate. He is injected with Soporil Beta, and collapses to the floor. The others try to help him, and he dimly sees Dio heading for the 9 door.

With a huge effort, he manages to lift himself off the floor and drag himself over to Dio, demanding that Dio hand over the Axelavir. The others don't know what he's talking about, so Sigma and Clover explain that they found it in the laboratory and Dio stole it. Grudgingly, Dio does give the Axelavir to Sigma (which Sigma didn't really expect; he had been preparing to spend the last moments of his life strangling Dio if he didn't), and Sigma hands it over to Clover before collapsing.

Sigma realises that he still has 5 minutes remaining before the tubocurarine is injected and he dies. He is determined that there must be some way to save himself.