So there was poison in the bracelet..
It seemed a little hard to believe, but it wasn't like I had anything other than a computer-generated rabbit's say either way.
What were we going to do? There was a lot to think about..
But we didn't have very much time.

What are we waiting for?
We need to go! We need to get through these other doors!

But.. how do we figure out which door to go through?

You still don't get it? Fine. Just pay attention. We don't have much time.
Zero's explanation was pretty confusing, so let me put it in small words for you.
Option A.
Sigma and I pair up with Luna. Our red and her blue can open the magenta door.
That would mean Clover and K would go with Alice. Their green goes with her red to make yellow.
That just leaves Dio and Quark as the blue pair, and Tenmyouji as the green solo. The only door they can open is the cyan one.
Got it? Option B.
Sigma and I go with Tenmyouji, so we can use red and green to make yellow for that door.
That means Clover and K pair up with Luna to open the cyan door.
This leaves Dio and Quark with Alice, and together they can open up the magenta door.
And finally... Option C would be where we pair up with like colors to open complementary-coloured doors.
That means Sigma, Alice, and I go through the cyan door..
Clover, K, and Tenmyouji go through the magenta door..
And Dio, Quark, and Luna go through the yellow door.
Problem is, which do we choose?

Please Sigma, choose something!

W-Wait, what?! Why me..?

If you don't want to, then maybe Alice or Clover can choose.
Or Tenmyouji or Dio or.. anyone!
Once one person chooses, everyone else's decisions will be made for them.
But please, you have to hurry! We're almost out of time!

One minute remains until Chromatic Doors close.

All right, all right! I'll pick!

Nobody seemed upset, but they probably knew as well as I did that we don't have time for bickering.
I took a deep breath and spoke.

Okay. Phi and I will..