Sigma path R2

Luna left the warehouse directly after she saw Sigma choose betray. Dio, Tenmyouji and K are angry with Sigma because he chose betray. Sigma was distracted be the white fluid that had come gushing out of his hand. The other three noticed it before Sigma could hide his hand. Dio accuses Sigma of being a robot. Sigma argues that K could be as well. K refutes that and Dio notes Sigma is dangerous and needs to be taken down. K and Tenmyouji agree. Sigma tries to make a run for the number 9 door, but gets stopped in his tracks. He is slammed against the floor and the other three inject him with Soporil.

Sigma wakes up in the infirmary, alone, where he notices his hand was cut off. Sigma screams out loud, and the game over screen appears.