Plot locksEdit

Lock Number Title Situation Location of key Prerequisites to obtain key Solution Achievement Granted (on PS Vita only)
1 "How can we save Phi and K?" Dio's bracelet has been destroyed, without which Phi and K cannot open their secondary door, and will die for failing to open a CD. Clover Ending (Yellow, Green) None Injecting one of them with the Neostigmine will enable them to survive the bracelet's death sequence. To Each According to his Needle

(refers to the Communist principle "To each according to his needs")

2 "Evidence it wasn't murder?" Clover has found Alice's dead body in the Crew Quarters and threatens to kill everybody unless Alice's death is explained. Laboratory Escape (Yellow, Red) None The book found in the laboratory gives details of the effects of Radical-6, and that it can cause a person to kill themselves. I can't believe it's not murder! (refers to the advertising slogan "I can't believe it's not butter")
3 "5 minutes left until death?" Sigma's bracelet has activated after Dio's betrayal left him on -1 point. Sigma Ending (Cyan, Green) Plot locks 6 and 7 Sigma has cybernetic arms, and thus can sever the arm with the bracelet on it, preventing the tubocurarine being injected. Gotta hand it to you
4 "There isn't enough medicine?" Quark and Alice have both entered the final stage of Radical-6, but there is only one dose of Axelavir. Laboratory Escape (Yellow, Red) None The IG replicator in the laboratory can be used to make more Axelavir. If I told you

you had a nice antibody.. (refers to the song lyric "If I said you had a beautiful body..")

5 "What is this huge number?" A memory card has been found left near one of the bombs, but the data on it is encrypted. Dio Ending (Magenta, Red) None Sigma remembers the decryption key from the alternate timeline in which he saw it on Dio's computer. He was convicted of a string of numbers
6 "Where is Alice?" Alice has entered final stage Radical-6 and is about to kill herself, but nobody knows where she's gone, and so can't get to the right place before she does kill herself. Unlocks itself View the failure sequence, then visit the lock again Having found her dead body in the crew quarters the first time round, Sigma knows to go there directly the second time. No lying down on the job
7 "Who planted the bombs?" The group have discovered the bomb, and Phi is about to search everyone for evidence as to who planted the bomb. Alice Ending (Cyan, Blue) Plot locks 4 and 5 Sigma remembers Dio admitting planting the bombs in an alternate timeline. Who Set Us Up The Bomb, Part 1 (refers to the All Your Base Are Belong to Us meme)
8 "How can we stop Phi?" Phi has reached 9 points and is about to leave the facility, trapping everyone else inside. Betrayal path on same route None Sigma uses a phrase special to Phi to remind her that leaving will deprive her of the chance to solve any of the mysteries remaining in the facility. Why'd you do that, you Dumas! (refers to the author Alexandre Dumas)
9 "Who planted the bombs?" See lock 7 (this duplicate lock is caused by repetition of a standard scene on two paths) Alice Ending (Cyan, Blue) Plot locks 4 and 5 See lock 7. Who Set Us Up The Bomb, Part A
10 "Where is bomb 00?" Dio has mentioned that a number zero bomb exists, but nobody has seen him plant it, and there are only 4 minutes left before the bombs explode. Luna Ending (Magenta, Green) Both two-headed lion keys Dio hid a knife between two of the AB rooms in an alternate timeline. If he considers this to be a good hiding place, then he may well have hidden a bomb there this time. Some Days you Just Can't get rid of a Bomb (refers to the original Adam West Batman film (!))

Codes and passwordsEdit

Code Code location Prerequisites to obtain code
Two-headed lion key 1 Sigma Ending (Cyan, Green) Plot locks 6 and 7
Two-headed lion key 2 K Ending (Magenta, Blue) Plot lock 1
Bomb 0 code Dio Ending (Magenta, Red) None
Bomb 1 code Director's Office Escape (Yellow, Blue) Plot lock 2
Bomb 2 code Sigma Ending (Cyan, Green) Plot locks 6 and 7
Bomb 3 code Alice Ending (Cyan, Blue) Plot locks 4 and 5

ID card

Quark Ending (Yellow, Red) Plot lock 3

You can also view the actual passwords at the page below. Be warned, this contains very explicit spoilers.

Password spoilers

Optimal routeEdit

Route to take Leads to.. Which unlocks..
Yellow, Green Clover Ending Plot Lock 1
Magenta, Red Dio Ending Plot Lock 5, Bomb 0 code
Yellow, Red Laboratory Escape (stop after this) Plot Lock 2 and 4
Cyan, Blue Alice Ending Plot Lock 7 and 9, Bomb 3 code
Yellow, Blue Tenmyouji Ending Bomb 1 code
Cyan, Green Sigma Game Over Plot Lock 6
Cyan, Green Sigma Ending (resume from Plot Lock 6) Plot Lock 3, Bomb 2 code, Lion Key 1
Yellow, Red (resume) Quark Ending ID card
Magenta, Blue K Ending

Lion Key 2

Magenta, Green Luna Ending Plot Lock 10
Cyan, Red Choose Betray: Phi Bad Ending Plot Lock 8
Cyan, Red Phi Ending Final ending