Luna path R3

Phi and Sigma are surprised that Luna didn't pick up her bracelet and voted in the AB game. Phi asks if Sigma wants to leave since they have 9 BP now, but Sigma says he still wants to find Quark before leaving. They decided to check the Crew Quarters, Infirmary, Lounge, GAULEM bay, Rec Room, Warehouse B, Security, Director's Office and finally the Pantry. They find nothing, and are thinking about what to do next before they hear the announcers voice saying the number 9 door opened. Sigma and Phi are shocked, and realize they cannot get back in time to Warehouse A. The announcer announces the number nine door has closed. Phi and Sigma realize they are stuck here, but decide to check the Warehouse on floor A anyway. When arriving there, they see the projection screen saying Luna and Quark escaped.

Zero jr. appears on the screen, He explains that Quark was given an anesthetic and Luna carried him through the number 9 door with Quarks bracelet. Then Phi and Sigma are left alone, locked inside the facility.