Luna path R2

Luna is hearbroken that Sigma betrayed her. She wishes an explanation from Sigma, but he remains silent. Luna cries and Sigma looks away. Tenmyouji leaves the warehouse, explaining he's going to look for Quark. Luna volunteers to help him look, and they leave together through the magenta door. Clover silently left through the cyan door. Sigma wonders where Dio went, and K said he left through the yellow door once the results got revealed. Sigma wonders why K picked ally, and says that with Phi being his opponent, it was an easy decision. Then they both decide to leave through different doors: Sigma through the magenta door, Phi through the yellow door and K through the cyan door.

Sigma went to the lounge, pantry and GAULEM bay without any luck of finding Quark. He then decides to return to the A Warehouse, where he stumbles into Tenmyouji, holding Quark. Tenmyouji accuses Sigma of lying, and he explains he has decided to take Quark through the number 9 door because Quark has 9BP. Sigma notes to him that he dies if he takes Quark through the number 9 door. Tenmyouji says he knows but he wants to keep Quark safe, and out of nowhere, kicked Sigma in the chest. Sigma collapses, and Tenmyouji opens the number 9 door with Quarks bracelet. Sigma implores him to stay behind, but Tenmyouji doesn't want to keep Quark around a possible killer in here. Tenmyouji and Quark leave through the number 9 door, and the game ends