K has a sudden remininscence about his father and about his background, and then lies down in the Longue to rest and recover. Sigma and Phi go to search the facility, and find that Quark is still sleeping in the treatment pod, but Dio's pod has had its oxygen turned off and Dio has suffocated in the pod. Also, his bracelet has been torn off and destroyed.

The deadline for the next round draws near, and K, Sigma, and Phi meet up in the warehouse. All of them are in a panic: without Dio's bracelet, Phi and K will be unable to open their secondary door.

Plot Lock: "How can we save Phi and K"?

Sigma remembers the Neostigmine from the Treatment Center, and realises that since it was Dio who searched that room, he will have it now. He races to the Treatment Center to retrieve the neostigmine from the dead Dio. However, he arrives back at the warehouse a few moments too late, and K, Phi, and Sigma are all injected by their bracelets for failing to enter a Chromatic Door in time.

As Sigma is collapsed on the floor, he injects Phi with the neostigmine, saving her. Phi is amazed that he would inject her rather than himself. Sigma also notices that the lock on K's helmet has been turned, and speaks to K. K admits that he killed Dio: while he was "sleeping" in the Longue, he removed his armor and left it there, then went to the Treatment Center and turned off Dio's oxygen. He did this because the old woman in the AB room, whom Dio admitted to killing, was the mother he remembered. Sigma manages to pull off K's unlocked mask, revealing - Sigma's own face beneath. Then Sigma and K are both injected with tubocurarine and die on the warehouse floor.

Credits roll, flow warp screen appears.

On the PS Vita version, getting this ending gives the achievement Through The Looking Glass.

This ending is also referred to as THE ASS ENDING.