Phi and Dio reach 9 points as a result of Luna's guaranteed alliance, but Phi asks Dio to wait before opening the door to see if Sigma is on 9 points too - and he is. All three of them leave.

Beyond the 9 door lies a large lift and a second Pressure Exchange room, which they pass through; unlike the original PEC, this one has several chambers and a working door to the outside. The three of them pass through to the outside to find themselves in an endless desert.? Dio disappears, and Phi and Sigma look for him; Phi finds him, and Sigma rushes over to them, hearing scraps of their conversation as he goes. Dio appears to have been trying to operate a transmitter, which also shows a 25-digit code which Dio says is the key to decrypt a message.

Dio attacks Phi, but Sigma rescues her, and Dio tells them about his membership of Free the Soul and his status as a Myrmidon. Phi attacks Dio, demanding the "code to bomb 0", and talking about "jumps" and "timelines"; Sigma has no idea what she means. Dio eventually gives the code, and agrees to take the two to a shelter he knows of.

Looking into the sky, Sigma sees the red moon - the solar eclipse - but did it always look so close?

On the PS Vita, getting this ending gives the achievement Behind blue eyes, the name of a song by The Who.