English name Clover
Japanese name  ???
Nicknames CleaverZero III
Gender Female
Age 19999
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Additional Information
Occupation Student/Waitress/SOIS Agent
Status Living/Deceased (Dependant on Timeline)
Affiliates AliceCo-Worker, SnakeCo-Worker/Brother
Real World
First Appearance 999
Last Appearance VLR
Voiced by  ???
Other Information


Clover has light skin with a pink clover tattooed under her right eye. She also has long, pink hair, blue eyes, and wears leather short-shorts, a fur-trimmed bikini top, pale pink Cheetah-print hair barettes, and a pink cheetah-print fur bracelet with chains over her right wrist. Her bracelet is on her left wrist.


Clover is kind-hearted, but also manipulative. In some timelines, she shows a soft shell on the outside, but once in the AB room, displays the wish for betraying them instead. She's also strong-headed, most noticably in Tenmyouji's ending when Alice's corpse had been discovered in Room 2 of the Crew Quarters. She's also rather empty-minded, most noticably when she names the frog in the Laboratory and the artificial jellyfish in the Treatment Center. Clover also enjoys making jokes, same as Sigma. When in the Pantry, she will accidentally say the names of underwear in place of other words, such as calling the pantry "panty".



Clover was involved in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. She was bracelet 4 and had taken the alias "Clover". Whether or not she used this opportunity to use her real name or not is not clear, but she's still called "Clover" in all situations. Despite having an ending where she murders everyone in the Axe ending, she is hinted to having the axe in the Safe and Coffin endings as well. This is due to the fact that she had been intending to inact the Axe ending, but Junpei's actions and knowledge caused her to instead believe in him. Junpei was the second person she trusted in 999, the third being Seven. She is the opposite of "Santa" from 999.