They're those balls from that kid's show, right?  If you collect seven of them you get a wish.

English name Alice
Japanese name アリス (Arisu)
Nicknames Alas
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Additional Information
Real World
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced by 田中 敦子 (Tanaka Atsuko)
Tara Platt
Other Information


Alice is a dark-skinned woman with straight dark hair falling just below her shoulders.  She wears blue eye shadow and pink lip gloss.  She also exhibits exquisite golden jewelry with aquamarine gems.  Her top (or lack thereof) is a short beige jacket that only covers her upper arms and back.  She uses her thick necklace to cover her nipples, allowing the majority of her breasts to be out in the open.  Her entire abdomen shows as well.  Alice has a black skirt with an aquamarine design along the waist that she wears low on her hips.  Her lower legs are bare, and she wears tall golden high-heel sandals.


Alice can exhibit a cold personality at times due to her profession as a commanding officer of SOIS.  She puts the success of her mission ahead of anyone's lives, including her own.  If there is an opportunity for her or Clover to escape, she takes advantage of it.  When she's not scheming, Alice is known to have superficial tastes.  She relishes her own beauty, and explains how she wishes to survive so that she can eat delicious food and fall in love.  Alice can also have a playful personality on occasion when she believes there is room for it.  She teases Sigma often and gets pleasure out of it.  Overall, Alice allows her professional attitude to predominate in her character because she understands the importance of her work, but still manages to let the girlishness of her personality come out at times.